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ParcelFly User FAQ

Do I pay ParcelFly anything?

No, you do not pay ParcelFly anything. You pay the carrier for the service provided as per the quote provided by them & that's it!

Where do I create my password and what do I do if I forget it?

Parcelfly does not use a password system. We use your mobile and a PIN Verification code.

The verification pin you receive at the time of registration should be used to log in. If you lose/forget the pin; simply click on
Forgot Your Pin - Click Here on the login page & we will re-text it to your mobile.

How will I know that I have received a quote?

Every time a quote comes in, you will hear a `ding` sound. All your quotes will be displayed in the YOUR QUOTES section.

How will I know that my job has been booked?

Once you have received a quote that you are happy with, you will click on the BOOK NOW button to confirm your booking.
Once this is done, you will be provided with the contact details of your courier company. Please call them to confirm what time you want your parcel collected.

What should I do if the courier company does not make the pick up as per schedule?

You should call the courier company first to try and find out about the delay. Alternatively you may call ParcelFly as well and we will assist you in following up with the courier company.

What if I am not satisfied with the service provided by the courier company?

ParcelFly encourages feedback about service received. This feedback can be posted directly by you on the website and can be viewed by all future customers. If there is a conflict between you and the courier company, we will try to help resolve the situation through our customer relations department.

What if the courier company loses / damages my parcel?

You need to call up the courier company and resolve all disputes with them directly. ParcelFly will assist you in any way possible to resolve any disputes with the courier company but we are not responsible for losses or damages.

What do I do if the courier company calls me up and cancels the job they accepted online?

We request you to immediately call us on our customer service number and we will do our level best to get another courier company complete your job within the same time frame and possibly same price as well.

Can I update or cancel my job request once placed?

Yes, you can. You must immediately email Parcelfly and the courier company the change/ cancellation request.
We request that you also call the courier company and let them know of the change/cancellation.

Can I get Insurance for my courier?

Yes, you can. You must select the insurance option while posting the job request and the courier companies who can arrange for Insurance will reply back. Please check the comments the courier company puts in for any Insurance information.

Can I ask for my courier to be handed over only to a particular person / confidential?

Yes, you can. You must select the `Confidential` option while posting the job request and the courier companies who can arrange for confidential deliveries will reply back. Please check the comments the courier company puts in for any information on the same

How will I know when will my parcel be delivered & can I track it?

The courier company along with the quote will also provide you a delivery date. You may track your consignment from the website of either the courier company or the site of an affiliated courier company if involved. The best ones to guide you through this would be the courier company themselves.

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