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Are you a delivery company?

If yes, then you have already taken the first step towards growing your business massively.

Fact: Research shows that India has more than two MILLION people who come online and search for the word `courier` or similar EVERY MONTH.

And this figure is growing daily...

Our system is simple:

  1. We advertise our website heavily & cleverly, on the internet.

  2. Clients looking to send a parcel come onto our website and enter the details of their job - that is: parcel description, collection address & delivery address.

  3. We send you the details of the request and you simply quote for the job on your computer. All you need is a simple PC and an internet connection - no costly hardware required!

  4. The customer will see several quotes at the same time, including YOURS.

  5. The customer will select the cheapest quote and book the job.

Watch this video

We are the first company IN THE WORLD to offer a live booking service like this.

For more information just give us a call on +9122 2266-2313 or fill in the form above and one of our team members will give you a call.

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