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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the registration free?

Yes, registration is absolutely free. All we need is basic contact information and our business development team will contact you to complete the procedure.

How much do I pay you for this service?

You do not pay until you get business first. After that you pay us a small percentage of any business you get through us and an even smaller monthly maintenance fee.

How do I pay you?

Since the service is new, as of now we have only 2 modes of payment. Either cash deposit into our bank account or online fund transfer.We will surely add more modes as soon as possible.

I do not deliver out of my city, can you ensure that I get orders which are for delivery within my city only?

Yes, we ensure we understand your business like it was our own. And that is done right at the time of registration. We will take into consideration all your business conditions before we send you orders. The conditions could be about anything from type of customers, delivery area, pick up area, package type, etc.

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